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Jane (un)Interrupted

I have never been really interested to explore or do more figurative embroidery because I feel like there is a lot of this style around, and done by super talented artists. However, during this Covid-19 quarantine, I am find myself challenging my limited resources and state of mind. Spending a lot of time with my kids during these times, reading to them the Peter and Jane series,  I remembered how much I enjoyed Peter and Jane and was always curious about their lives - Jane in particular.


Reading them again rekindled my interest and curiosity with Jane. She seems to embody a strong, self-assured young girl who will turn out to be an empowered woman. I also want to bring more focus to Jane and create an environment for Jane - without Peter. Sort of to give her her own TV show, her own focus and attention. It is about time for Jane to shine. 

In August 2020 I had a 2 women exhibition with the theme of Liberty. I did 16 of these Janes, and all sold out but 4.

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