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The Invisible Women - WAO Campaign 2018

‘Her Reproductive (UNPRODUCTIVE) Years’ explores the unfortunate relationship between a working woman’s journey into motherhood and its indirect consequences to her professional working life. The horizontal silhouette of a pregnant woman signifies the grace and beauty of that period in her life (reproductivity), but it is also highlighted by the descending graph of her career or perceived performance at work (unproductivity).

Artist’s message: “I spent a long time mulling over how I want to express this issue that resonates with me at such a personal level. I started my motherhood journey at a thriving age of my career (late twenties-mid thirties) and the nature of my work has a lot of limitations for pregnant women and later, moms with small children. Oftentimes I always felt torn between having to choose, and guilt over choosing my career advancement over my kid.  For my second pregnancy I kept it a secret for over 6 months to avoid having no workload given to me, which would be detrimental to my career progression. The mindset and culture of working mothers need to be addressed and improved in many work place.”

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