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Blanket Statement - Mythical Mother Group Show

A blanket is a source of comfort and security, and a quilt is usually passed down through generations.  In a way, that is also similar to how young girls are culturally programmed;to be a woman, a wife, a mom. Our motherhood myths and old wives tales, the beliefs and taboos are passed through a generation of moms who were once wives (though not necessarily all) and who were once a young woman, and I used the idea of a blanket to express the idea that these beliefs and motherhood myths provide us comfort - a sense of identity - but in actuality can be cloying, choking, overbearing. You can be smothered by a blanket. It can be restrictive.


I stitched a few taboos or cultural beliefs that are passed down to women in my culture, which ran the gamut from beliefs/superstitions as a woman, as a wife, and as mothers to be. Initially I thought of using English, but I feel that the translation will not give these beliefs much strength. They are more powerful when uttered in my mother tongue, which is Malay. I also chose them because they are stifling and restrictive to women, which is apt with the cultural identity of being a woman.


The superstitions/beliefs/taboos are (in order from the bottom 2, left to right to the highest 2 left to right):

1. Jangan Menyanyi di dapur, nanti dapat suami tua - Don't sing in the kitchen, or you will marry an old man

2. Jangan duduk di tangga, nanti lambat kahwin - Don't sit on the stairs, or you will marry late.

3. Jangan makan pinggan di riba, nanti suami orang rampas - Don't eat with your plate on your lap, or your husband will be stolen by someone

4. Jangan menjahit masa mengandung, nanti mata rabun - Don't sew when you are pregnant, or you will be short sighted

5. Jangan bergaduh dengan mak mertua, nanti susah beranak - Don't fight with your mother in law, or you will have a hard labor.

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