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Artist Statement

My artwork has the same underlying theme across the different materials: they always explore the concept and raw pain of grief, everyday fatigue and romanticism of day to day tasks.

Although the concept is rather morbid and sad, my work aims to express the opposite of that by using bright, happy colors and almost a dreamlike narrative of subjects. In my collage work I love to use the subjects as exploration of these themes, to convey the message that in our everyday world pain and sadness are almost inaudible and silent, except if you look closely enough, or if you bothered to look at all.

For my textile mixed media work, my embroidery stitches the message of heartbreak that exists in between the folds and lines of the paint strokes. Seen in small scales and in groups, the suffering seems to offer a sense of the sufferer’s strength and beauty.

I almost always prefer to use found images and recycled or reclaimed items for my work. I feel that it adds to the story and character of what I am trying to express. Used textiles always have a story to them and their fine wear and tear contribute to the fragility of human emotions. 

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Exhibition History

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, CIMB Artober, CULT Gallery

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, Mythical Mother, Spilt Milk Gallery, (virtual)

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, Holding Space, Subject Matter Art, London

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, Dunia & Akhirat for SIS, CULT Gallery

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, Radical Thoughts, Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, If Not Now, When, Spilt Milk Gallery (virtual)

  • 2021 Group Exhibition, MoMo’s Art Fair, MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur

  •  2020 Group Exhibition, Sacred Garden II, ArtoMovement

  • 2020 Virtual Exhibition, When You Fall Asleep, Art Mums United

  •  2020 2 Women Exhibition, Liberty, KL City Art Gallery

  •  2020 Group Exhibition, Love Is In The Air, ZHAN Art|Space

  •  2019 Group Exhibition, RE:Birth Spilt Milk Gallery Members Show, St Margaret’s House

  •  2019 Group Exhibition, Snakes & Ladder, The Incubator @ Zoo

  •  2019 Group Exhibition, Awan & Tanah with SIS, Cult Gallery

  •  2019 Group Exhibition, I RISE, ArtGirl Rising, Sepat House

  • 2019 Group Exhibition, Women Behind The Art, Common Ground TTDI

  • 2018/2019 Group Exhibition, Pivotal by The Art Seni, LINC KL

  • 2018 Group Exhibition, Art Bazaar, Bank Negara Malaysia

  • 2018 Group Exhibition, Mekar Art Studio, Wicked Art Space

  • 2018 Group Exhibition, 108 GMBB, GMBB

  • 2018 Group Exhibition, Reka Design Market, HinBus Depot

  • 2018 Group Exhibition, Invisible Women, Publika White Box

  • 2017 Group Exhibition, Rantai Art Festival, KL

  • 2017 Group Exhibition, Playfool Creations Exhibition, Justlife PJ

  • 2017 Group Exhibition, Rantour Art Installation, MyTown Shopping Center

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